Creating a listing on GetSpaces is relatively easy. All you have to do is to simply go through the onboarding process, filling up the required information and waiting for the verification and approval. The whole creation process was simplified to help our hosts get onboard easily. However, there are quite a bit of tips and tricks to optimize your listing for maximum conversions. We have compiled a list of common questions and things we’ve noted and will be adding them on every now and then!

1. Listing Title, Image(s) & Description

Your listing title is the single most important aspect of your listing. It is the first(or second after images) impression that users will get in the search page. Hence, it is important to keep it concise yet informative in 1 single tagline. For example, some of our hosts have opted to put their location and space type in 1 single line like this.

‘Fitness Studio with Trampolines @Chinatown’

The above consists of the “type” of space, any unique feature that other fitness studios might not have and also the location. All these will also help with users when they search on google for a specific feature and location.

As for listing images, the next thing to take note is to upload at least a few photos and have the broadest and most clear image of your space be the 1st image. The 1st image is what users will first see and be able to visualise.

For instance, if you operate a photography studio, the 1st image would be the best possible image to showcase the full space, before you show any specific lighting features or setup. Here is one example at this photography studio near Bartley.

The image below is a good example of a wide, clear image that goes at the front.

Featuring cozy photography studio

The next image is put behind to show users a closeup of their sofa amenities. However, if this picture was put at the 1st image, users browsing through the search might only thing they will be getting just a sofa + 2 chairs and a coffee table as part of the whole space. 

Hence, it is important to make your 1st image (cover image) the best possible representation of your full space!

Finally, we come to the description. GetSpaces automatically helps you generate a default description based on your activities allowed and amenities. However, you could input a lot more details. Here are some details that you can consider including so users will feel confident in booking directly:

  • Number of amenities (how many chairs, tables, lights etc)
  • Nearest train station or landmark
  • Description of your space 
  • Any examples of what people have used your space for (can upload a corresponding image to back this up)

2. Having a good profile image and description

Your profile matters. Having a clear profile picture gives credibility to your listing. You can leave the default description or to share more about your brand or yourself. All these descriptions get indexed by Google for their search engine so the more you share, the more page views and clicks your listing(s) are going to get!

3. Syncing your calendar, or using us for all your bookings

Once we are able to verify that your listing is accurate in terms of its availability, we will prioritise your listing in our marketing materials and our ranking algorithms. Having an accurate availability also helps users who are searching for spaces last minute feel a lot more confident in booking your space. Any host who syncs their calendar or commits to using us for 100% of bookings will have the “calendar verified” tag shown on the listing.

Featuring Gbox’s Calendar

To sync your calendar, find out more at the link here.

4. Getting reviews and bookings

Nevertheless, the main thing that gets your space to rank higher is to have more bookings and reviews on our platform. What we’ve found is that once hosts have gotten their first review, the 2nd or 3rd direct booking begins to happen much more easily. One way to ‘hack’ your first review is to simply direct one of your guests to book through the platform instead.

Our review reminder emails are usually sent up to 15 minutes before the booking completes. So if you have guests at your space, you’ll be able to get them to leave a review on the GetSpace App just before they leave. Otherwise, we find that most guests will not remember to leave a review if it has already been a day or 2.