For our hosts, one of the most important things you can do to ensure a great experience for your guests is to provide them with easy access to your space. This is why we’re super excited to release this new feature where your access pin, if you use an electronic door lock, will be automatically shared 1 hour before your booking.

With this new feature, hosts can simply enter their access pin into the platform (under the edit listing page) and it will automatically be shared with the guest. This eliminates the need for the host to manually share the access pin with the guest, saving time and effort. In our testing, we found that this feature helps many of our hosts relieve mental load in keeping track of when each guest is using the place and sending the pin accordingly. For the hosts with a high frequency of bookings, this feature has been tested to make the experience of leasing out your property with GetSpaces a much more convenient one!

Not only is this feature convenient for the host, but it also ensures that the guest always gets the access pin on time. This is especially useful for hosts with multiple listings that need a better way to keep track of each space’s access. In addition, it also adds an extra layer of security. Instead of having to give the pin too early, guests will only be informed of the access pin an hour before through the GetSpaces chat and email. As a GetSpaces host, you can now rest assured that the correct access pin is being used and that guests will not be accessing the space too early.

To use this, all you simply have to do is to go to your manage listings page, click on the listing that you want to edit, and you’ll find the input to type the pin here as seen in the image below.

The GetSpaces platform will then automatically send this pin an hour before your guests’ booking. We believe that this feature will significantly improve the experience for both hosts and guests. It will make it more convenient for hosts to provide access to their property while ensuring that guests have the information they need to  smoothly enter your space. We hope you will try out this new feature!

If any of you face issues, feel free to reach out to your account manager or our hotline.