Guest experience is our absolute priority at GetSpaces. One pertinent issue on our platform that we have identified is that listing availability is not accurate on our platform and it prevents guests from having the confidence to make a booking. Hence, showing updated real-time availability on your listing is one of the most crucial factors for guest conversions. This is especially more so when their booking is time sensitive. 

Currently, as hosts, you are able to manually update your calendar on GetSpaces. However, we understand that it can be tedious and difficult to keep it fully up to date. To make things easier for you, we have just released our latest calendar sync feature!

Our calendar sync feature synchronises with your Google Calendar and all GetSpaces bookings that have been accepted will automatically appear on your Calendar. Similarly, any new events that are created on your Google Calendar will also be synced back to your GetSpaces listing and users not will not be able to make booking requests at these timings. (If you are using a different system to manage your calendar, reach out to your account manager to find out how we can integrate your schedule into GetSpaces.)

To get started, go to your calendar page in your menu. Do note that you have to be a host to be able to access this page. You should be able to see this section at the top left corner of your screen.

Follow the remaining steps to sync your calendar.

  1. Click the Edit button to get things started.
  2. Click add new sync
  3. Select your google account and login
  4. Select your space you’ll like to sync
  5. You can then choose an existing calendar or create a new one, the system will name it for you. (Do take note to ensure that each space is linked to a separate calendar otherwise it will confuse the system)

Once you have done so, the sync should be completed in a matter of minutes and your guests will see it updated like in the screentshot below!

Updated space availability at G-box

Do take note that any new events added to your gcal will also appear on your GetSpaces calendar and that will prevent guests from booking during these timings. So do be careful and ensure that you do not mix up your GetSpaces listings with your Google Calendar(s). If you ever need any assistance, do reach out to your account manager for more information.

[KEY UPDATE] From the 3rd quarter of 2021, our search ranking algorithm will also begin to strongly prioritise spaces with accurate availability. Rejections of bookings due to inaccurate timings will hold more weight in your rankings and will affect your. If you’d like to ensure that your listing gets more enquiries and views, do sync your calendar and ensure a high success rate for bookings.

That rounds it up for our calendar sync! If you are still confused and need clarification for any details, do reach out to our hotline or your account manager.