At GetSpaces, our long-term goal behind starting this platform was to reduce the friction of accessing commercial property. We wanted a platform where users are able to have a standard form of comparison, find the space(s) they need for their activities and make a booking fuss free just like any other e-commerce purchase.

To date, we’ve proud that we have indeed made some headway towards our vision. We currently accommodate over 300 space listings on our platform as of early 2022 and have already facilitated thousands of transactions for local businesses, consumers and property owners! 

1 of the key items on our roadmap early on was to test and see if we could have listing(s) which didn’t have the typical approval/rejection process. I.e a guest could book a space and get instant confirmation without having to worry about the request being rejected. 

Introducing Instant Confirmation

That is why we are introducing our latest feature, “Instant Confirmation”. As a guest, you’ll be able to get your booking confirmed instantly, anytime and anywhere. This means you’ll no longer have to worry that the space is not available and look for alternatives after your initial booking.  

We have already started our trial with a few of our hosts and we are constantly making it more accessible to all hosts that have demonstrated the ability to keep their schedules 100% updated on the platform. You can view all spaces that already allow for instant confirmation in the link here.

How do I know if a space can be instantly booked?

If you refer to the screenshot on the right/above, you’ll be able to see the “instant confirmation” tag just above the Start Booking button. The tag will show in place of the host response time for the relevant listing(s).

If you plan to only look for spaces with instant confirmation, you’ll also be able to find it in the filters pop-up under the search page. Listings that can be instantly booked will also show up at the top left of the search card as below.

I’m a host, how does it help me?

Instant confirmation is a relatively new feature and so there hasn’t been an extensive sample size. However, our initial trial and studies have indicated that listing(s) with instant confirmation get a 20-50% increase in conversion rate! This is significant and we think a lot of this is due to the increased sense of security users get when they make their booking, knowing that the timing they require is definitely available.

From the perspective of the platform, we are only able to have listing(s) which have verified calendar(s) and an almost 0 rejection rate have this new feature enabled. If you need any more information on how to turn this on, you can reach out to your account manager or our hotline here.

Moving towards a fully flexible property model

All along, when we first started, we made the decision to move towards the direction of a frictionless property marketplace. The end goal for us was to have a marketplace where our users are able to meet all their space(s), whether it be for work, meetings or events, at any location and time. Instant confirmation is just one of the next steps that we are glad to undertake at this very point in time. Whether you’re a business owner that wants to utilize our space(s) to conduct your business activities or a personal user looking for a flexible workspace, check us out at our website or mobile app!