We’re officially launching our new credit package for creatives, businesses or the everyday consumer. Whether it be for renting a photography/videography studio, a fitness or dance space, a meeting room or even a hotdesk, guests can now save upfront just by purchasing GetSpaces credits. That means you get to retain the flexibility of having access to hundreds of spaces while still getting significant savings upfront! You’ll also save much more effort administrative wise as all financial transactions will be processed through GetSpaces.

There will also be occasional promotions and special offers where guests can get bonus credits and vouchers for purchasing upfront.

We decided to build this specific feature based on the feedback we have received from many of our guests, who wanted a simply, centralised platform to handle all their space needs. Below, we will be sharing some of the key considerations that our guests had and how purchasing our credits can help simplify your life! Beyond just cost savings, one of the key use cases of having a package was having a centralised platform that consolidates all bookings of spaces for your team members. 

1. Not get tied in to any 1 location or activity

Unlike other studio packages which limit you to a specific location, keep yourself commitment free and get access to all the different types of venues on GetSpaces. When you purchase our credits, you’ll be able to retain them for a long time and be able to use them for any of our fitness spaces, meeting rooms or event venues.

This gives you much more flexibility and value that any other package that you’ll find out there.

2. Consolidate all bookings for your team members and standardise your claims processes 

Most reimbursement processes can be cumbersome, especially if you’re dealing with a new payee each time (i.e a different venue). Part of the benefit of centralising everything with our platform is that your finance team will only now need to worry about dealing with 1 single payee for hundreds of different locations. Reach out to us to arrange for customized invoicing and not have to worry about different payment terms for each venue owner. We standardize the whole process for you so you can focus on your core business.

On top of that, if you’re running a group of team members who all need different spaces or venues for their own activities, you can share an account. That account will automatically be a consolidated account with all your corporate bookings! All prices and bookings are transparent and easily downloadable, and you’ll never have to worry about collating different receipts or invoices.

3. Enjoy our concierge and venue matching service

We get it, you’re a busy person, and finding a space can be a tiresome process. Even on our web platform, trawling through hundreds of different listings to find the right space can take up quite a bit of your time. When purchasing our credits, we’ll also link you up with our account manager who’ll be able to recommend the right space for the right need. Whether it be for team building, co-working or a shoot, we’ll be able to direct you to the right space.

With that, feel free to check out the credits package site and keep a lookout for any new promotions! We also recommend following our social media pages. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at our our contact page!