[Updated with groups of 2 for mask-off activities (dance and fitness) based on latest announcement on 18th June]

The official announcement for Phase 3 Heightened Alert came last Thursday! We’ve been super excited to get things running again on our platform and share the new lovely spaces that we have onboarded over the last few weeks.

We have collated some of the key points of this reopening that we think would highly relevant to most of our users and would like to share them with you.

1. Groups of 5 as the general rule for masks-on activities.

When in doubt about your event, keep your groups small to groups of 5 and maximum 50 in 1 room. There must be 1 metre distancing between groups at all times for non-fitness activities. 1 thing to note is that for retail pop-up events, you’ll have to know the total square feet area of your retail location. Like malls, the capacity limit for retail activities will be one person per 10 sqm of Gross Floor Area (GFA).

2. Art & Cultural activities groups of 5. Groups of 2 for masks-off activities (dance).

All art & cultural classes and workshops can begin in groups of 5 from 14th June onwards! However, do note that any strenuous activities best done without masks cannot be conducted till 21st June. While we can have groups of 5 with 1 metre distancing, the room limit for any workshop is still 50 pax. Also, there must be 15 minutes of transmission time between classes and separate routes must be established for guests to come in and leave. More can be read in NAC’s guidelines here.

For dance activities, if masks need to be taken off, then it will be allowed only in groups of 2. In addition, there must be a minimum of 2 metres safe distance between persons and 3 metres spacing between groups. If you need a bigger studio for your activities and if you’re planning to conduct for a bigger group, feel free to check out Dance Nucleus Studio. Otherwise, our dance studios can be booked here.

3. Max of 30 people (up from 15) for digital productions.

Now, we can have up to 30 people involved for recordings, productions and films! However, do take note that only 10 people can be unmasked at any given time. With regards to singing or playing of wind instruments, only 5 (up from 2 currently) will be allowed to do so at any given time from 21st June.

If you’re looking to do shoots in a professional studio setting, consider some of the photography studios you can rent here!

4. Indoor classes, based on groups of 2. Up to 15 groups of 2, maximum class size of 30. Masks-on can be done in 5.

The best thing about this is that we can finally resume conducting fitness classes indoors! In the past few weeks, only low intensity fitness activities were able to be conducted indoors and with masks on, which is not ideal. Based on the latest Sports Singapore Guidelines, we can have groups of up to 2 with distancing of 3 metres between each groups and 2 metres distancing between each person with maximum group of 30. On top of that, no fitness facility will be able to admit more than 50 people at any 1 time.

There is also a pretty good overview of the new guidelines from Sports Singapore. Link to download the pdf is here.

Feel free to check out some of the new fitness studios we have onboarded here!

5. Pre Event Testing (PET) not required for up to 50 pax

If you’re still looking to conduct any corporate events, you do not need to administer any PET for your event if the total pax for the event is less than 50. For wedding receptions, you can have up to 100 pax without any PET. However, if you’re doing a wedding party, you will need to do PET if you have more than 20 pax invited for the party. All pax numbers do not include vendors so do take note on this. Read up more about PET at the official Ministry of Health website.

Always be vigilant

The latest strains of COVID are more infectious than the previous ones and the rate of infection can be much higher than what we’ve seen in the past. As such, we recommend to all our users to always take note of personal hygiene in public spaces to keep your masks on! As the rate of vaccination increases, we look forward to enjoying the same freedoms and routines that we used to have. Stay safe!