From July 12, dine-ins in groups of 5 will finally be allowed! This means that we can finally catch up with some of our friends in larger groups of 5 in restaurants. While this will no doubt be the headline, there have also been an update to some of the restrictions/guidelines. Here are 5 key points for our GetSpaces users and hosts to take note!

1. Art & Cultural activites can be conduct in groups of 5 (safely distanced with 1 metres), with a maximum of 50.

If separating your participants in groups of 2 has been a hassle so far, you’ll now have more leeway and be able to group your participants in 5. This makes it much easier to conduct art workshops or group sessions. There should be no intermingling between groups, before or after the session as well. For organisers, do take note that the maximum 50 pax size is inclusive of the instructor as well! If you’re looking for spaces to conduct your art classes, do check out some possible craft venues here!

2. Dance & Indoor fitness to be in groups of 5, 2 metres distancing between each person and 3 metre between groups. Maximum 50 per room/venue from previous cap of 30.

This will one of the most significant change for our users. Most of us know how difficult it is to keep 3 metres distancing between groups, especially as some studios can be smaller in size. With this new regulation, you now have the room to possibly expand your class size by probably 50%. In a 300 square feet space, this might mean you can have up to 8/10 people (depending on the layout) as compared to the max of maybe 3 groups of 2 before. While the mainstream news outlets have reported on the relaxing of this restriction for indoor fitness studios,we have not seen an official media release from Sports Singapore yet we will update this once the link is out!

3. Limit for content production remains at 30 for performers + crew, with no change.

For the users who use GetSpaces to find locations for filming and productions, there is no material change to your operations! The only slight deviation would be that before, for productions that require participants to be unmasked such as (singing or wind instruments), up to 5 can be unmasked now as compared to the cap of 2. Otherwise, its business as usual 🙂

4. Work related events remain at a hard-cap of 50, with 1 metre distancing per person. Work related events refers to corporate retreats, seminars etc. Events for the purpose of socialising remains at 5.

For the workplace, corporate events remains the same. One key different is that unlike workshops, all participants need to be seated with 1 metre distancing between them, rather than groups of 5. Also, do take note that corporate events refers to gatherings that are conducted for a professional purpose, and an office gathering or bonding session would probably count as a social gathering and be limited at 5. For more information, you can check out the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) site here.

Check out our lists of event venues for rent here!

5. Wedding receptions up to 250 for pre-event testing from previous cap of 100. Without testing, cap remains at 50.

Finally, we come to weddings! Right now, your wedding reception can be held for up to 250 with pre-event testing, up from the previous cap of 100! This gives us a lot more room for planning larger receptions. Here is the link to the new wedding advisory document! This would be super beneficial to most of our larger wedding venues, so we look forward to holding more joyous occasions at our platform in the near future!

As always, lets stay vigilant during this trying period and get our vaccinations when we can! Most importantly, do stay healthy and follow all Ministry of Health guidelines pre and post vaccinations to limit our risk of side effects. We look forward to a post-Covid world and being able to hold memorable and meaningful gatherings like the days of old. Stay safe everyone!