With the latest implementation of Heightened Alert, resumption back to Phase 2, there are quite a few new restrictions that impacts our lives. We are no longer able to dine in at restaurants, work from home is now the default mode and we can only gather in groups of 2.

However, it doesn’t mean that all activities have to be stopped. For space owner(s), some activities can still be held, albeit which much higher safe distancing requirements. Here are 5 key points that we have summarised for your easy reading.

1) Groups of 2 at all times

At all times, people should be in groups of 2. Whether you’re conducting a workshop or a retail pop-up, the important thing to note is that you should not allow clustering and for people to gather in larger group sizes. The maximum venue operators can allow is for people to be in pairs at all times, and there needs to be enough space to ensure safe distancing of 1 metres between these pairs.

2) Art & Cultural activities only allowed in groups of 2

Thankfully, art & cultural activities can still go on. As mentioned above, groups of 2 are still allowed for workshops and classes, but there must be safe distancing between groups and they must not be allowed to intermingle at any point in time. Venue owners will have to take note and be willing to plan and split out areas in which their guests can be comfortably distanced from each other.

For dance activities, there must be 2 metres distance within each pair, and 3 metres distance between groups. A 300+ square feet space can probably at most hold 3 groups of 2 maximum, with 1 instructor. At any point in time, the maximum amount of people that can be held in 1 room is 30.

3) Filming and Photoshoots no more than 15 pax

Content production is still allowed, though there can be no more than 15 personnel on location. There can be no more than 10 onscreen talent/performers (who may be unmasked if necessary), at any given time. Companies registered with IMDA as media production companies can have groups of up to 30.

As a space owner, do take note on this regulations if you have any filming enquiries and do note that even though onscreen talent and performers are able to take off their masks (if necessary), but all off-screen personnel has to keep their masks on at all times.

4) Fitness Activities, multiple groups of 2 for only low intensity

If you own an indoor studio, you’ll still be able to have classes, albeit only of low intensity exercises. In such scenarios however, masks do still need to be kept on at all times. Like dance, there needs to be 2 metres distancing between each person in group, and 3 metres distancing between each group.

Outdoor exercises can allow masks to be off, but if they are high intensity, you are not allowed to have multiple groups.

5) Masks on at all times

The spirit of the regulation seems to be that we need masks to be kept on at all times, and not even for short periods of times. Hence, venue owners should do well to keep note of this when entertaining enquiries for space rentals. While no food and drinks should be allowed, venue owner(s) do need to exercise their own discretion when allowing their guests to lower their masks to hydrate themselves. Do leave ample distance in between groups, or allow isolated places where guests whom need to hydrate themselves can do so. Do ensure, keeping in line with the spirit of the regulations, that they only lower their masks for hydration for a short period of time and not keep it down for extended periods.

We hope everyone stays safe during this tumultuous time and we hope to see everyone soon again! Take care!