Renting our your venue can be complicated. Sometimes, there are extra charges. Other times, you’ll want to give a discount if the guest is willing to meet certain conditions. Hosts also do need a flexible tool help extend bookings, especially for bookings that have already been confirmed. To help provide you (our hosts) more flexibility in your day to day operations, we’ve decided to build a new custom order feature! Here it is.

Custom order

Hosts can now create bookings on behalf of their guests for their own space(s). Upon the creation of the booking, your guest will receive an email and in-app notification, prompting them to make payment on GetSpaces. Once the guest has completed the payment, the booking is confirmed.

You can find the “Custom Order” feature via this icon on the top left hand corner of your chat box with each guest. Click on the icon if you wish to make a custom order.

A popup will appear, fill up the corresponding date and time you would wish to reserve on behalf of the guest. You’ll also be able to customise the hourly rate for your guest once the timings have been filled in. Once done, press “CREATE BOOKING” at the bottom.

A email and in app notification will be sent to the guest prompting them to make payment.

Upon payment by the guest, the booking will be confirmed and you can check its status in the chat room here.

[Revamped!] Host payout page

We have also revamped the new host payout page for your easy viewing! With this new feature, it will be much simpler for you to filter and check on the status of your payouts from GetSpaces. Simply click on “Host Reimbursement” in the side bar to view the page!

As always, we’ll be making constant improvements to make your GetSpaces experience easier. Reach out to your account manager if you have any further questions!