Today, we are featuring the top studios with Cyclorama wall for booking. In the past few months, we have onboarded more photography studios in Singapore that incorporate a Cyclorama wall. A Cyclorama wall, also commonly referred to as an Infinity wall or cyc background is basically a background that involved a curved surface to make it seem like there is no end or edge in a room (see example below).

When done right, it is virtually impossible to discern where the floor ends and the wall begins. This expands the possibilities you might have for your photoshoots or video productions, and focuses the spotlight on your product or model. See the full list of studios below!

Photography Studio with Cyclorama Wall near Aljunied (Lightonboard)
Photo Studio Near Aljunied Station with Cyclorama Wall
Photography Studio near Aljunied with cyc wall

This is a massive 1,500 sq. ft. fully-equipped photography studio and creative space located just in just a 3 minutes walk away from Aljunied MRT. Armed with 6-metre high ceilings and a 3.5m x 4m roller shutter, it creates a feeling of spaciousness and give creatives more room to play with. All professional equipment from them are also free to access with no extra fees! Most important, is their 6m x 5m Cyclorama wall, which provides you a seamless backdrop for your style shoots or video productions. They also have green screen, lights and any other equipment you might need.

Visit their page at the link below to see their full list of equipment. Even better, use promo code GETSPACESLOB20 at checkout to get 20% off this photo studio from now till 30th September 2021!

Our Studio Space (with Cyclorama wall)
Our Studio Space
Our Studio Space (with Cyclorama wall)

Our Studio Space is an hourly rental production studio for photography, videography and small events at an affordable price. Decked with lifestyle furnitures and a cyclorama wall, you can find various different themed set ups for usage at this lovely space. Rent their space, inclusive of all equipment and props, for an hourly rate of just $60 per hour.

Orhsome Cyclorama Studio
Orhsome Studios
Orhsome Cyclorama Studio

Orshome Studio is managed and run by a team of experienced filmmakers. They have done Feature Films, TVCs, Events, Livestreaming, Corporate Videos, Commercial Photography, Social Media Content and more. With this rich set of experience, their selling point is that they know what you need.

They provide a clean and comfortable working environment for your shoots. Equipment is regularly maintained so that your shoots are always able to run smoothly in their studio. From their good CYC Wall Lighting (5x Nova P3000C) to a 6m x 9m Green Screen cloth that are all included when you book their studio, content creators can rest assured of a high quality studio experience with Orhsome Studio.

Studio Rental House (Cyclorama Wall)
Studio Rental House
Studio Rental House (Cyclorama Wall)

With ample natural lighting, great lighting equipment (Godox) and a wide range of unique backdrop colours, Studio Rental House is one great option that you can consider for your shoots! On top of that, you can easily get more manpower from hiring their studio assistants if you ever feel like you are unable to cope with all the nitty-gritty details when it comes to shoot day. Just feel free to reach out to them and make your booking and they will help make your shoot a resounding success!

This sums up our list of photography studios with Cyc walls! As always, our team is always on the lookout for more beautiful yet functional spaces to onboard and share with our community. If you’re a content producer or have a space that you’ll like to share with other members of the community, feel free to reach out to us at our contact page!

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