Introducing our curated selection of the top 6 Creative Videography and Photography Studios available for rent in Singapore! This comprehensive list caters to the needs of creative professionals like you. Whether you require a minimalist studio setup for your photoshoot or a space filled with abundant natural light, our collection of photography studios has got you covered. What’s more, some of these studios offer versatile functionalities, allowing you to transform them into meeting rooms or event spaces. Imagine conducting a productive meeting while capturing captivating images of your products or models in the same space.

Explore our list of photography studios now and discover the perfect setting for your creative endeavors!

*This list is non-exhaustive and not arranged in any particular order.


Price: $120/hr | Pax: 60

Spanning 1,300 square feet and featuring a 6-meter high ceiling and a mezzanine, Pivotal Studios offers flexibility for various types of shoots and events in the East of Singapore. Located between 2 MRT stations, this space is easily accessible by public transport. With stylish furnishings including a contemporary living room set and a retro-inspired sofa set, this space allows you to capture diverse shots and undertake a variety of projects.

The photography studio is also well-equipped with amenities such as a luxurious changing and makeup area with an attached bathroom, a Ruhens dispenser providing hot, cold, and sparkling water options, a fully functional kitchen with a stove setup, a 451-liter fridge/freezer, a 55-inch TV, and even a karaoke system! Furthermore, additional services such as studio facilities and in-house equipment rentals are available to accommodate your unique creative requirements. Suitable for 10 to 60 pax, don’t miss the opportunity to rent this photography studio on GetSpaces!


Price: $130/hr | Pax: 30

Discover a one-of-a-kind boutique Zen-inspired kitchen studio just a 5-minute walk from Aljunied MRT. For added convenience, the building allows vehicles up to 2.2m in height to be driven directly to the studio doorstep. Step into this 1,200 square feet space adorned with a stunning 5m tall grey feature wall, designed to create a captivating backdrop for your videos, product shoots, or livestreams. The modular and moveable kitchen island offers flexibility and convenience for your creative endeavors.

Enjoy an abundance of natural sunlight streaming through the floor-to-ceiling window, showcasing a breathtaking skyline. To set the perfect mood, take advantage of their motorized blackout curtains and fully app controllable Philips Hue RGB Home Lighting System, allowing you to recreate any ambience you desire. The controllable brightness and color temperature of the ceiling light panels allows you to create the perfect lighting atmosphere for your creative project.

Powered by MyRepublic, their sponsored internet boasts lightning-fast upload speeds of up to 500MB/s and download speeds of up to 1GB/s. Ideal for hosting livestreams and webinars, you can also broadcast your content on the 75″ 4K Prism+ TV.

Studio Recreate, founded by Tristeps Studio, Singapore’s leading production house in Slow-motion Food Videography and Photography, offers a wide range of industry-grade camera and lighting gear. Drop the host a message to discover their full list of equipment.

They also provide other amenities to enhance your experience, washroom features shower facilities for your convenience, while the pantry is equipped with a sink and faucet. Relax and enjoy the Yamaha Bluetooth soundbar in the comfortable lounge area, complete with a cozy sofa and coffee table.

Don’t miss the opportunity to rent this photography studio on demand through our platform, ensuring you have the perfect environment for your creative projects.


“An extremely accommodating and friendly place! It was spacious enough for all the people during our quick shoot. The interior design allowed for our shoot to be extremely smooth sailing as we did not have to worry about the set up. The hosts are amazing! We booked everything last minute but their prompt replies got rid of all the stress. It’s was the perfect place for us. Highly recommend as we will certainly be back again ourselves! ✨” – Divine Samson

Price: $60/hr | Pax: 35

Located at Ubi Road 1, The Haste Studio offers exceptional features and amenities to enhance your creative process. A remarkable 6m high ceiling providing ample room for your artistic endeavors, they take pride in offering professional-grade equipment to support your creative vision. Their equipment includes:

  • 2 x Aputure C300d Mark II
  • 1 x Godox VL150 LED Light
  • 3 x GVM 520 LED Panel
  • 3 x Godox TL60 Tube Light (RGB Tubes)
  • 3 x Godox Sk400ii Strobe Light

To further enhance your lighting setup, they also provide a range of lighting modifiers and support equipment and support equipment which you will be able to find on their listing page.

Creating the perfect ambiance for your shoot is essential, which is why they offer an extensive selection of backdrops. Additionally, our studio is furnished with stylish and comfortable furniture and props, including sofas, coffee tables, high chairs, a carpet, books, potted plants, and TVs.

The Haste Studio is equipped with an attached washroom, guaranteed 50mbps LAN connection/WiFi, integrated home assistants for controlling lights, Yamaha StagPas 400i speakers, a private changing room, a water dispenser, snacks, tea/coffee, a mini oven, a mini refrigerator, a clothes steamer, a clothes hanger, and a dressing table.

For additional convenience, they also offer various add-ons, such as a smoke machine, backdrop cloth, foldable tables, photography cubes, tether cables, a teleprompter, a projector with a screen, and even rental options for Nintendo Switch/PS4 with games.

Secure your slot now and unlock endless creative possibilities at this remarkable photography studio.


“supportive and responsive. will come back again. highly recommended. good lighting esp the natural lighting.”
– Christopher Zhou Zhenhan

Price: $45/hr | Pax: 60

Located at Woodlands Close, Prime Bizhub, this photography studio combines the beauty of outdoor lighting with the comfort of an indoor setting. With its open-concept design and full-length windows, this studio offers a spacious and well-lit environment for your photography needs whether you prefer to shoot with natural light or need a comfortable indoor space.

Measuring at 968 square feet, the studio is divided into one part office area and two parts shooting space, allowing for versatility and flexibility. In addition to being a photography studio, the space is also available for small gatherings and events. They also provide services such as a photo booth and smoke machine, adding an extra touch of creativity to your event. Do drop the hosts a message for more information about these services!

When you rent the studio, you’ll also have access to a wide range of equipment to support your photography needs. This includes a selection of lights, including strobes and continuous LED lights, as well as various lighting and camera supports such as light stands, C stands, reflector holders, and sandbags. They also offer a variety of background options, from seamless paper in different colors to textured cloth, allowing you to create the desired atmosphere for your shoots.

They also have an inventory of light shaping tools such as softboxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes, and grids, further enhances your creative possibilities. They also have amenities such as WiFi access, a medium fridge, microwave oven, electric kettle, and a medium-sized mirror. The photography studio also have ladders, tables, couches, floor seats, and other furniture to accommodate your needs during your shoots.

Additionally, they offer additional equipment and services at an extra cost, including a Canon 7D camera, lenses, a mobile battery flash, a tripod, and the usage of Canon printers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity – book this photography studio now and enjoy a well-equipped and versatile space for your photography projects or events!


photography studio

Price: $160/hr | Pax: 30

Nestled in the vibrant locale of Bukit Batok, this photography studio beckons you to transform your projects with style and precision. Spanning an impressive 2180 square feet, this photography studio is meticulously crafted for commercial shoots and photography enthusiasts alike. Its unique features include a spacious 5.6-meter minimal kitchen set, a versatile 2.4-meter movable island, a welcoming living space, and an expansive cyclorama wall measuring a generous 7.5 by 5.5 meters. Designed with your creative vision and workflow in focus, Siecle Studio offers an unparalleled environment to bring your ideas to life. Explore the boundless potential of Siecle Studios for your next endeavor and immerse yourself in a space tailor-made for your creative pursuits.


“The place was conducive, extremely friendly and helpful staff that help assisted in preparing the items that you requested. Has great interiors as well as pantry side for all my clients needs etc. Truly a pleasure heading over to DNMC studio and will definitely choose this if I have a shoot again.” – Puang Zakariah

Price: $70/hr | Pax: 30

Located at Tampines North Drive 3, DANAMIC studio offers all the amenities, space, lighting, and equipment you need for your shooting projects, all while providing a minimalistic design that can be customized to suit your specific needs. When you book this photography studio, you also have complimentary access to the focus room, a 4-person meeting room, allowing you to have a dedicated space for discussions or planning sessions.

Getting around is convenient with free parking available on the 4th level of their office building, BHCC Space. Shuttle bus services are also provided from Courts, Giant, and IKEA Tampines, making transportation hassle-free.

The photography studio is well-equipped with a range of lighting options to suit your preferences. They have a selection of strobes and flashes, and continuous lighting options as well as various bi-color light panels and pocket lights. For more information on this, you can access their listing page here!

To modify and shape the light to your desired effect, they provide a wide range of modifiers including strip softboxes, octaboxes, deep parabolic softboxes, square softboxes, sky lanterns, shoot-through umbrellas, bowl reflectors, foam boards, collapsible reflectors, and collapsible B+W backdrops.

In terms of studio support, they offer an array of backdrops, stands, and accessories. This includes various paper backdrops in different colors and sizes, a fabric greenscreen, C-stands, light stands, tripods, a trolley table, TVs with a rolling stand, a full-length mirror, a steamer, a changing room, a lounge area, and props such as stools and roller chairs. They also provide essential amenities to ensure your comfort and convenience. This includes a pantry with a water dispenser, WiFi access, a toilet with a shower, speakers, a fridge, and air conditioning.

Book this studio now and enjoy a well-equipped space that caters to your photography and videography needs!

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