You’ve been tasked with organizing the next team retreat and now you find yourself scratching your head, wondering, “Where do I even start?”. It’s like staring at a blank canvas, except you need to fill it with adventure, bonding, and good times for the team. But let’s face it, that’s easier said than done. 

So, where should I start?

1. Give yourself time for planning.

If you’re reading this, congratulations on taking the first step. Remember to start planning well ahead of time to secure ideal dates and venues. Other important factors to consider are travel arrangements, accommodations, meals, activities, and any required equipment or materials! Have a general idea of what to include in the retreat while allowing room for flexibility to cater to your team’s needs and dynamics. 

2. Choose a location that’s accessible and well-equipped.

As previously mentioned, when planning your team retreat, travel arrangements play a crucial role. It is essential to choose a location that is easily accessible and convenient for your team. Additionally, the selected venue should be spacious enough to accommodate everyone comfortably, while also providing a sense of privacy and closeness, fostering a conducive environment for team bonding and collaboration. Carefully consider the amenities offered by the chosen space. These amenities can greatly impact the overall experience and productivity of the retreat.

3. Keep things light-hearted.

A team retreat offers your team a chance to step away from their regular routines and connect on a deeper level, forging stronger bonds. To facilitate this, create a comfortable and relaxing environment by keeping the atmosphere fun and laid-back. There will be time for more serious activities like brainstorming and workshops. 

4. Involve your team in the planning.

Engaging your team in team-building activities they enjoy is essential for a successful retreat. So seek their input at the planning stage – what activities do they typically enjoy and would like to include at the retreat? Do they have specific sessions in mind? Encourage a sense of shared responsibility among your team members. This would help to increase enthusiasm and commitment to the retreat as well. 

5. Introduce some friendly competition!

Friendly competition is a powerful motivator that promotes accountability and a desire for continuous improvement. Whenever possible, incorporate elements of friendly competition to keep your team engaged and stimulated. 

6. Don’t forget to follow-up with the team.

Gathering feedback is always a good practice for areas of improvement, and a team retreat is no exception. Take the time to talk to your team members and use their feedback to improve future retreats. Implement and follow up on any action plans or commitments made during the retreat as well to maintain momentum and hold each other accountable. 

7 Best Team Retreat Activities

And now, here are some of our all-time favorite team retreat activities, along with a few space recommendations. Regardless of your team’s location or budget, we hope you find the perfect activity for your team retreat!

1. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms seamlessly blend entertainment with valuable team-building experiences. They’re like a fun puzzle challenge that helps teams bond better. Everyone has to talk, think, and solve problems together. The time limit only makes it more exciting, pushing teams to think creatively and work together under pressure. Each participant’s unique skills and perspectives are showcased, contributing to a more cohesive and harmonious team dynamic. Moreover, successfully completing an escape room cultivates a shared sense of accomplishment, boosting team morale and camaraderie. This fun activity boosts team spirit and makes work relationships better when everyone gets back to the office. It’s teamwork, adventure, and high-fives all in one!

If you’re looking for escape room ideas, Honeycombers has an up-to-date list on our local escape rooms to look into! Alternatively, you could also look for virtual escape rooms which would definitely be a novel experience.

2. Gaming

Imagine a team retreat that takes a thrilling detour – welcome to the world of gaming! Think of it as a supercharged bonding experience. When teams dive into games together, they’re not just having a blast, they’re also honing their teamwork skills. Whether it’s working as a squad in a virtual battlefield or strategizing in a fantasy realm, gaming is like a turbo-charged team-building workshop. Players need to communicate, coordinate, and come up with strategies on the fly. Plus, the victories and setbacks in the game translate to shared victories and lessons back in the office. So, gear up for a retreat that’s not only fun but also levels up your team’s collaboration game!

3. Art Workshops

Prepare to dive into a world of skill-building and creativity at a team retreat workshop! Workshops offer teams the chance to delve into a specific skill or topic, whether it’s honing communication techniques, mastering a new craft, or delving into mindfulness practices. Participants roll up their sleeves and immerse themselves in interactive sessions led by experts, sparking a sense of curiosity and camaraderie. It’s a playground for trying new things, sharing insights, and collectively expanding horizons. Workshops not only foster personal growth but also create a tapestry of shared knowledge and newfound talents. So, get ready to unleash your team’s potential and craft a retreat that’s both enlightening and engaging!

One of our spaces, Room To Imagine, is a large open space art studio located at Ubi Centre with a 4-meter high ceiling and pillarless layout. It has an abundance of natural lighting, courtesy of its large windows but you don’t have to worry about the afternoon sun. It is well-equipped with a Google Home Mini, air-conditioning, 8 tables and 40 chairs/stools. Some optional add-ons per day include a 5-liter water dispenser with disposable cups, a projector, a mini fridge, and decorative bunting. External catering is also allowed.

4. Hackathons

Buckle up for a turbocharged team retreat where innovation takes the driver’s seat – it’s hackathon time! Think of it as a turbo boost for teamwork and creativity. When teams dive into a hackathon, they’re not just coding or problem-solving, they’re also engineering a stronger bond. It’s like a high-speed track where ideas zoom, collaboration fuels the engine, and solutions race to the finish line. From coding challenges to brainstorming marathons, hackathons are like a crucible of innovation that supercharges everyone’s skills. The best part? The prototypes and breakthroughs become souvenirs of collective brilliance, reminding the team of their adrenaline-fueled adventure. So, rev up those engines and get ready to accelerate your team’s ingenuity into overdrive!

5. Karaoke

Hit the high notes of team bonding with a karaoke-fueled team retreat! It’s like a harmony-infused adventure that amps up the fun factor. When teams step up to the mic, they’re not just belting out tunes – it’s a melodic mix of laughter, camaraderie, and a touch of friendly competition. Whether it’s a heartfelt ballad or a rock anthem, karaoke nights create an electric atmosphere where everyone’s a star. It’s like a vocal voyage that transforms colleagues into chorus companions, and those stage moments become the stuff of office legends. So, prepare to rock the mic and strike a chord of togetherness that’ll echo long after the retreat wraps up!

For bigger teams, Pivotal Studios can comfortably accommodate up to 60 people – spanning 1,300 square feet and featuring a 6-meter high ceiling and a mezzanine, the spacious studio offers flexibility for various types of events in the East of Singapore. Located between 2 MRT Stations, the space is easily accessible by public transport. The studio is also well-equipped with amenities including a luxurious changing and makeup area connected to a bathroom, a Ruhens dispenser providing hot, cold, and sparkling water options, a fully functional kitchen with a stove setup, a 451-liter fridge/freezer, a 55-inch TV, and even a karaoke system.

team retreat venue

For a more intimate setting, this Havelock Cafe provides a private, cosy space. Apart from a karaoke system, the cafe also provides a whiteboard and projector for any brainstorming activities you would like to conduct during your time there.

6. Sports

A little friendly rivalry never hurt anyone! Whether it’s a chill match or a thrilling tournament, sports activities create a vibrant atmosphere of teamwork, strategy, and a dash of friendly rivalry where teammates become champions together. It’s like a playbook of shared memories, where every play and victory becomes a touchdown in the team’s shared history. So, gear up, lace those shoes, and get ready to kick off an unforgettable retreat that’ll keep the team spirit soaring long after the final whistle!

If you’d like to play sports but in an air-conditioned, indoor environment, Score Campus is the perfect place to book! With an attached indoor basketball court, Score Campus also has an event space for your team to relax at after a good game, with projectors, interactive hybrid whiteboards and TV screens to use for brainstorming if required. There is also a speaker system and two microphones for an impromptu karaoke session if your team is interested. Alternatively, if you’re not interested in the event space, you could also just book the basketball court – it’s all flexible!

7. Bouldering/Hiking

Scale new heights with this team retreat idea! Think of it as a trek of togetherness, where nature and teamwork intertwine. As teams hit the trail, they’re not just conquering peaks, they’re also forging stronger bonds step by step. It’s a breathtaking blend of exploration, cooperation, and a touch of challenge. Whether it’s navigating winding paths or summiting a majestic peak, hiking activities create an outdoor haven where colleagues become trailblazing companions. It’s like a scrapbook of shared experiences, where every vista and trail marker becomes a landmark of unity. So, lace up those hiking boots, embrace the wilderness, and get ready for a retreat that’ll elevate not only your altitude but also your team’s spirit!

For team retreats, the possibilities are as boundless as the benefits they bring. From the exhilarating camaraderie of escape rooms to the vibrant strokes of creativity in art workshops, the harmonious melodies of karaoke nights, the strategic thrill of hackathons, the adrenaline of sports, and the refreshing journeys of hiking adventures – each avenue offers a unique pathway to fortify bonds, enhance communication, and ignite innovation. The key lies in selecting the retreat activity that resonates most with your team’s spirit, aspirations, and dynamics. May the shared laughter and transformative experiences pave the way for a stronger, more cohesive team poised for new horizons.

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