office rentals

Office rentals can be tedious. From inaccurate listings and complex search tools to high upfront deposits amongst numerous other complications, the road to securing the ideal office space can be a daunting journey. Having been through these experiences during our search for our own office rental, we are all too aware of the frustrations and intricacies involved in this process. So we sought to simplify it. We’ve made your search for an office rental faster, and the process easier. Here’s how we did it:

1. We protect our customers.

You found an office rental on a website with adequate facilities and it’s within your budget. Nice! You pay for it and head over to your new, shiny office the next day. But instead of the sleek modern office space you expected from the pictures, your office space is dirty, unkempt, and the amenities are not well-maintained or even there as promised! In short, you’ve been catfished. What’s worse, you can’t get your money back because the host has already been paid and the platform you were using said there’s nothing they could do. Now you’re stuck with this shoddy office rental for the foreseeable future.

With GetSpaces, we eliminate the risk of you ever facing such a scenario. With every host that signs up with us, we go down to check out their locations and meet with the host to ensure that everything is in place. Our reviews section also offers insight into the booking experience. If your booking experience was dissatisfactory or in the very unlikely scenario you land in a situation where expectations did not meet reality, you don’t have to worry about losing your money – your payments will only go through to hosts after a successful booking. We will also send invoices straight to your email account so you never have to worry about claims or receipts.

2. We don’t do ghosting. Our hosts don’t either.

Say, you finally found the perfect office rental and excitedly message the host in the morning. By night time, you haven’t received a reply. That’s alright, maybe they were just busy. One day passes, then two, then three, and before you know it, it’s been a week. They still haven’t gotten back to you. You give up and start looking for more office rentals while knowing that you’ve also wasted a week that you’ll never get back.

This is how we do it differently – every week or so, we do a routine check to remove any unresponsive hosts. Hosts are also encouraged to be faster at responding as it plays a factor in determining their search rankings on GetSpaces. We also automatically track and display hosts’ response timings to reduce uncertainty so you can plan better.

3. Looking for service offices, private pods, or coworking spaces? We’ve got them all, and more.

We have a diverse network of unique office rentals across the island, such as cosharing offices, attic spaces, private booths and many more! Many of our shared coworking spaces also offer a hybrid experience, featuring both private booths and common working areas. You can choose to switch between them whenever you want to. You can also check out our blog article on the coworking spaces we offer here!

TLDR: If you’re on the hunt for the perfect office rental, just rent your ideal workspace with GetSpaces today!

We’re always working on eliminating the challenges that come with office rentals by providing a user-centric experience that simplifies the whole process for you. With accurate listings, our protective payment process, responsive hosts, and wide variety of office spaces, your search for the ideal office rental is made much more secure and simplified.

So why wait any longer? Rent your office space with GetSpaces today!