With the ongoing pandemic, it is a common sight to see working adults e-meet each other through platforms such as Zoom and Skype. It is the default choice to hold virtual meetings to minimise the risk of contracting COVID-19 while keeping goals in check. Even so, there are times when a physical meeting will be the better option – here’s why!  

When should you conduct physical meetings?

1. Confidential information

Planning to share sensitive information during the meeting? A physical meeting is highly encouraged to prevent your information from being leaked.

Earlier this year in April, Zoom was faced with criticisms on how they handled Zoom users’ data and other privacy concerns (e.g. Zoom bombing). The company claimed that the Zoom calls are end-to-end encrypted, while in fact, it isn’t. This poses a serious threat to the users, especially if important information is shared over the call.

2. Build a stronger relationship

E-meetings are great ways to meet people for the first time, but it is hard to get to know a new colleague in a large group. A workaround will be to have a virtual call with the entire team followed by a meetup over a meal. The meetup has to be capped at 5 pax; ideally with the 4 people that the new employee will be working the most closely with.

When choosing a location to have a meal, be sure to support our local F&B owners during this tough period. Check out their businesses here! (Tip: Be sure to check if their shops are open for dine-ins.)

3. Minimise distractions

If you did not know, users can choose to mute themselves or switch off their camera during the video call. Without the audio or visual, the person at the other side of the laptop might be furiously typing away to reply to his emails or, even worse, playing ‘Among Us’! 

Have you checked at least one out of the three reasons above? If yes, you should consider holding a physical meeting. The physical meetup will allow for physical interaction between the team members and a more efficient team meeting overall.

Note: During the team meeting, each individual has to be seated 1 meter apart. Team bonding events are not allowed as of writing; companies should prevent social gatherings from taking place in the workplace or outside of it.

Rental places to hold team meetings

1. Monti Studios

Monti Studios

With an alfresco area in addition to the minimalistic studio, Monti Studios is perfect for teams to brainstorm for ideas while taking in the breathtaking skyline. The space comes with Wi-Fi, sound system, air conditioning, and projector.

According to a research, the beauty of a workplace will affect the level of creativity and innovative outcomes. As such, Monti Studios is highly recommended for those working in the creative industry.

2. Dott Co-Working Space

Dott Co-Working Space

Conveniently located near Admiralty MRT, the meeting room comes along with a monitor, free Wi-Fi, coffee, and filtered water. The simple design of the room makes it less distracting for all to come up with a new marketing plan or business strategy.

Additionally, the host allows guests to book the room for an entire day (13 hours) at less than $150!   

3. Big Studio by Cozy Up with Craft

Big Studio by Cozy Up with Craft

A word that can be used to describe Big Studio is ‘cozy’. The interior is well furnished with tables, chairs, sofas, and air conditioning. Being situated near Beauty World MRT means a range of food choices after the meeting – from local delights at Bukit Timah Market & Food Center to Hong Kong dim sum at Mong Kok Dim Sum; artisan bakery café at Carpenter & Cook to Indian cuisine at Al-Azhar Restaurant.

With numerous considerations in mind, such as the maximum number of pax allowed or the location of the space, it might be tough to find the most suitable space. Nonetheless, GetSpaces offers hundreds of spaces all over Singapore – all at different prices, sizes, and locations. You will surely be able to find a space that is convenient, affordable, and have the equipment that you need!

Before the actual meeting takes place, it is of importance to remind everyone to adhere to the safety guidelines during the team meeting – even if everyone is exceptionally elated to meet their colleagues once again.

Mask up, 1 meter apart, and stay safe!