Featuring the most popular on-demand meeting rooms in Singapore for rent. In the era of remote work, the need for face-to-face meetings persists. Whether you’re meeting with team members or external guests, on-demand meeting spaces are essential. Here are the top 8 meeting rooms, strategically located in central areas or heartlands, that can be booked easily to cater to your needs.

*This list is non-exhaustive and not arranged in any particular order.


Price: $25/hr | Pax: 12

A minimalistic and functional, no frills classroom setting ideal for meetings and learning sessions. This meeting room is equipped with essential amenities including a projector, reliable Wi-Fi, comfortable tables, and chairs. The space is intentionally designed to be quiet and conducive, creating an environment that promotes meaningful discussions and focused learning. Its prime location near Bishan MRT station allows for easy accessibility, making it a convenient choice for participants. Don’t miss the opportunity to book this meeting room now!


Price: $18/hr | Pax: 10

Experience a beautifully renovated and well-lit meeting space nestled within a larger craft area. This cozy venue, easily accessible via Beauty World MRT, provides a comfortable and inspiring environment for workshops and group discussions. With amenities such as air conditioning, reliable Wi-Fi, and ample chairs and tables, this space is designed to cater to your meeting needs. Located in a charming neighborhood, you’ll have the added advantage of enjoying sumptuous food options nearby. Don’t miss the chance to book this lovely craft studio for your next meeting and unlock your team’s creativity!


Price: $12/hr | Pax: 12

A hidden gem nestled in a quaint and beautiful shophouse on Upper Weld Rd, this unique meeting space, offers a charming and atmospheric setting for various activities. Located on the second level of a well-preserved conservation shophouse, the space is just a short 3-minute walk from Rochor MRT Station or Jalan Besar MRT Station, providing convenient accessibility for your team or guests.

Accommodating up to 10 people comfortably in the main area, there is ample room for productive discussions and collaborative sessions. Additionally, it features a naturally lit balcony, perfect for outdoor activities and a refreshing change of scenery. To enhance convenience and privacy, a private washroom is also available exclusively for your use. Book this exceptional venue at Jalan Besar now and unlock the possibilities for your next meeting or gathering.


Price: $10/hr | Pax: 6

Combine simplicity and affordability at its finest with this well-equipped classroom, designed to cater to all your meeting needs. Located in close proximity to the Central Business District, it offers excellent accessibility, just a short 5-minute walk from Chinatown MRT.

Equipped with all the essential amenities, it provides a conducive setting for productive discussions and collaborative sessions. Whether you need a whiteboard, tables, chairs, or reliable Wi-Fi, this classroom has got you covered. Additionally, for added convenience, you can also utilize their photocopier and laminating machine at a nominal fee.

Take advantage of this affordable and convenient meeting space in the heart of Chinatown and rent this meeting room now!


Price: $20/hr | Pax: 5

Situated within walking distance from Admiralty MRT, this meeting room offers easy accessibility for you and your colleagues. The space is thoughtfully designed to accommodate up to 4 people, providing a comfortable and private space for your discussions and collaborations. Equipped with essential amenities, including reliable Wi-Fi, a monitor for presentations, and complimentary coffee and filtered water, all your meeting needs are taken care of.

Not limited to just meetings, this versatile space has also been used for video calls, team discussions, and even casual gatherings to enjoy shows together. It offers a conducive environment for both work and leisure. Take advantage of this convenient and well-equipped meeting room and book a slot at this space now!


Price: $28/hr | Pax: 14

Experience a conducive and well-equipped classroom space at Kovan, brought to you by our highly regarded host, Rex. Located within a tuition center, you can expect a quiet and pleasant environment, ideal for focused discussions and effective learning. The classroom is thoughtfully furnished with comfortable furniture, providing a conducive setting for both students and professionals. To enhance your presentation and collaboration, the space is equipped with essential amenities, including reliable Wi-Fi, a projector, a whiteboard, and even a TV. Enjoy the convenience of this well-equipped classroom space in Kovan and book it now!


Price: $27/hr | Pax: 8

Nestled in Farrer Park and Little India, this meeting room is well-connected to public transport, granting easy access to city spots. With a capacity for 8 guests, it’s equipped with a working table, comfy chairs, a Smart TV, video conferencing gear, and complimentary coffee and tea. Additional perks include a refrigerator, hot/cold water dispenser, and ensuite bathroom amenities.

Ideal for meetings, events, workshops, and more, this meeting room is bookable from 4 hours or a daily rate of 180 (before GST). Don’t settle for an ordinary boardroom—elevate your gatherings in this hip and professional co-living space at Owen Road. Book now for a blend of modernity and community!


Price: $20/hr | Pax: 8

Located in the Thomson area, this venue offers a convenient and accessible location for your next event or gathering. It is a cozy and versatile lounge space that is perfect for a variety of purposes, including meetings, workshops, classrooms, and small gatherings. The space comes equipped with essential amenities, such as a visualizer, whiteboard, monitor, chairs, tables and an attached toilet and water point meant that you won’t have to worry about interruptions or searching for facilities. A vending machine just outside also ensures quick access to refreshments whenever needed.

The positive feedback from previous users also speaks volumes about the quality of this space. Many have praised its cleanliness and the friendly nature of the host, creating a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Whether you’re planning a professional meeting or a casual get-together, this cozy lounge provides the ideal environment. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to book this inviting venue at Thomson. Secure your desired time slot now and experience the comfort and convenience it has to offer.

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