Launching affordable activewear  
Mel is no stranger to the benefits of an active lifestyle. Working out three times a week, she finds joy not only in improving her physical health but also sees it as a good medium to clear her mind and bring balance to her emotional health. In her workout sessions, Mel’s go-to attire is activewear for the comfort and mobility it provides. And in activewear, Mel also saw an opportunity to promote a healthier lifestyle amongst women.

Making activewear affordable
Seeing that established activewear brands come with a premium price tag, Mel started her own brand, Anya Active, as an affordable alternative. By designing every piece of apparel in-house, she knew she could keep prices competitive while maintaining a high quality. Mel hopes that by making activewear more accessible, her brand could inspire more women to pursue their own wellness.

Sanctuary for a shoot
With her products ready, she needed a photoshoot of her first collection before the brand can officially launch. Mel had a clear idea of what she needed for the shoot. An indoor space with a good dose of natural light for great photos and a toilet for the models to quickly change into different apparels. Mel also knew that as a new brand, she had limited budget to work with.

“Price is most important as we just started.” 

With all the requirements in mind, she hopped onto GetSpaces and actually found a quaint shophouse space that met all her needs. Located conveniently at Jalan Besar, it had a row of vintage shophouse windows that opened up to a canopy of green. Mel saw this as her ideal option and locked down her booking.

Capturing Anya Active
On the day of the shoot, the cheerful hosts of the shophouse space invited Mel and her team, offering to help in any way they could. The space itself came with its own bonuses. The rustic wooden chairs, artificial plants and even paintings from the craft room all became a part of the shoot. The models worked with the space, posing with these ‘props’ while the mirror became a favourite of the photographer for capturing yoga poses. 

With the product pictures, Mel has the final pieces in place to officially launch Anya Active in April 2020. Check out her website at

GetSpaces and Mel’s journey to create a new brand 

“The best part is affordability, and how I’m very impressed by how multi-purposed the space is – the hosts were very accommodating and they are very nice people.”

The featured studio, well-lit with natural light, encompasses full length mirrors and a mini Bose speaker, with creative break-out rooms containing eclectic art collections, and exclusive access to a private balcony. To check out the space Mel rented, and reserve a booking, visit the space page here.