GetSpaces goes beyond an online marketplace – we are the testing grounds for creatives and businesses alike as they experiment with their ideas and self-expression. We embolden businesses with the space they need to brainstorm innovative business solutions, nurture creatives as they seek spaces to expand on their craft. In the area of lease management, we generate value for our hosts and simplify the process through the strategic integration of technology, allowing them to focus on their own pursuits. 

Our story: How we came to be.

The idea for GetSpaces first took shape during our search for an office space, which exposed us to a series of significant challenges on traditional commercial property platforms. We grappled with issues such as inaccurate listings, overly complex search tools. exorbitant upfront deposits, and complications throughout the property management and post-lease processes. Finding a suitable office space seemed like an impossible task. Even though there were vast amounts of empty space available around us. If we have so much space, why is finding an office such a difficult process? That was when we started digging deeper.

Our cities are limited in space, but full of underutilized spaces.

The issue of land scarcity is not a new one. To counter it, we’ve always implemented and relied on measures relating to land reclamation. But we have neglected the underutilized commercial spaces all around us – a JLL report found that globally, it is estimated that 42% of commercial office spaces sit underutilized. Unknowingly, we witness this reality everyday. Not just the empty offices remaining idle, but also the studio spaces that are only open certain days a week, event venues that are only occupied for a few hours, and the classrooms left vacant when there are no classes scheduled.   

And that’s what we want to change. 

Our mission and vision.

In land-scarce cities, our mission is to unlock and activate potential, one space at a time. We want to maximize the use of underutilized spaces to give our local creatives and budding entrepreneurs the space to blossom in their respective domains. Leveraging technology, we made the search process more user-centric and simplified the leasing process compared to traditional commercial property platforms.

Starting from recognizing that guests are looking for unique spaces that align with their specific requirements, we apply the first principles to property discovery. Our user-friendly interface presents the spaces based on their intended purpose rather than a mere gallery of available spaces like many traditional commercial property platforms. Information of all our available spaces is also uniformly and transparently presented, setting the market pricing standard. Flexibility is uniquely ingrained in our processes – guests can book on-demand spaces on hourly, daily, even monthly basis, eliminating the long commitment periods required of traditional commercial property platforms. 

On the lease management side, we act as the middleman between the guests and the hosts. Our hosts tend to be businesses that are focused on development and growth. Hence, they have neither the time nor the resources to engage in lease management. That’s where we step in. Handling everything from the actual bookings to the marketing of the hosts’ listed spaces, we simplify the lease management process and add value to their operations, creating a win-win situation for both guests and hosts. 

We are constantly on the lookout for more underutilized, multi-purpose spaces that contain the potential to be so much more. Our efforts are dedicated to realizing our vision of a platform that would serve as a catalyst, sparking connections between spaces and those who seek them. We want to create a vibrant urban environment where people from all walks of life have the space to bring their ideas to life and infuse our cities with their unique hues. 

If that’s what you believe in as well and you’d like to be involved in our work in any way, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or check out our contact page, or even pop by our Instagram and LinkedIn for a quick look at what we do!