It has come to the end of the year again. In normal times, many of us would be planning for your end of year + new year celebrations with family and friends. However, 2020 never fails to deliver in its own twisted way :/. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we won’t be able to get together with friends and family for the end of year big and bustling gatherings that we are used to.

Nevertheless, small and intimate gatherings are still possible within the current social gathering regulations. We can also use technology to catch up with our other friends via video conferencing software. If you’re looking to conduct small and intimate social gatherings with your friends, here are some options that the team at GetSpaces recommends 🙂

The Vibe Space @ Bukit Batok

If you’re in need of an interesting venue to do a small gathering, you can consider the Vibe Space. It is a photography studio by day, a one of a kind intimate party venue at night. It is one of our only venues that has in-house mood and party lights, that delivers a unique vibe that one certainly cannot find at other locations.

This space can be used for small gatherings, and you can rent their HD projector to do a private movie screening with your friends! If you have missed out on certain movies during the circuit breaker period, now is the time to catch up on them with your friends 🙂

A private washroom is also provided, so you and your friends will not have to share it with anyone. For smokers, there is a balcony which guests can use instead of the usual hassle of having to leave the building and smoking at the open area on the first floor.

For a limited time period only, the Vibe Space is offering 50% off its normal rate of $100 per hour (Monday – Thursday only).This discount is only exclusive to GetSpaces so do check them out via our venue booking system here!

Private Rooftop Venue for Intimate Gatherings, by Blackbird After Hours

Now, let’s face it, many of us will probably never be able to afford a rooftop loft apartment where we have our own private rooftop area to ourselves, especially in Singapore.

Thankfully, Blackbird After Hours has made available their private rooftop venue (on top of their F&B outlet) available for all of us! 

Located on the top floor of a shophouse, it comes with a small air-conditioned indoor space, a BBQ lounge area, and an open rooftop with a beautiful city skyline suitable for private gatherings, al fresco dining, and romantic surprises.

They provide a sonos sound system so you can enjoy your gathering to the jam of your own tunes, and the space is well lit during the evenings. You can also order some lovely food from their restaurant. We hear that their special sous vide BBQ lamb rack is a must try ;). This means that all your last minute cravings are satisfied, without any friendly surprises from food delivery apps for your event.

You can book their space here 🙂

Now many of us are admittedly travel starved and are getting a little restless as we have to stay in our tiny little island. If you need to find new activities to engage together with your friends, why not find a local artist and learn a new craft, like literally, crafting something of your own :p Look for local crafters and artists and learn a new skill today! Check out, a local experience platform that introduces activities you can try, by local crafters, teachers and makers. Their telegram channel also introduces new promotions and classes that you can check out!

You can always spruce up your end of year gatherings by hiring a private instructor, so you get to learn a new skill while getting together with your friends as well. 

Stay Safe!