Looking for the ideal Christmas party venue? Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a social soirée, or a corporate gathering, our team is here to ensure every detail is executed flawlessly. From tasteful decorations to personalized touches, our Christmas party venues are a blank canvas for you to design as you please. Let’s transform your event into a celebration filled with warmth, joy, and a sprinkle of Christmas enchantment!

*This list is non-exhaustive and not arranged in any particular order.


Christmas Party Venues

Price: $95/hr | Pax: 60
This pet-friendly venue welcomes your furry friends to join in the Christmas festivities as you indulge in a variety of entertainment options. Unleash your inner rockstar with the karaoke setup, project your favorite memories on the projector, and engage in friendly competition with the pool table, arcade machine, and mahjong table. For those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, a selection of board games are available and ample comfy seating to ensure everyone finds their perfect spot.

With air-conditioning to keep things cool, this is the ideal setting to create lasting memories with friends, family, and even your four-legged companions. Conveniently, Partea bubble tea shop is located right below the space, allowing you to indulge in a wide range of delicious bubble tea flavors including strawberry shake, jasmine honey, brown sugar milk tea and more! Host your Christmas party with the perfect blend of entertainment, comfort, and pet-friendly hospitality at this exceptional event space.


Christmas Party Venue

Price: $75/hr | Pax: 50
Tucked away in the North, this bright and expansive event space bathed in natural daylight is the perfect setting for your Christmas party. The venue offers a kids’ corner inclusive of a play tent, slide, kitchen set and toys with no additional cost! Perfect for your boisterous, fun-loving little ones to play around with while you catch up with family and friends. A high ceiling and a generous 900 square feet of open area that can accommodate up to 45 guests, this venue is perfect for your Christmas party.


Christmas Party Venue

Price: $38/hr | Pax: 18
If you crave creative freedom and a blank canvas for your festivities, look no further than Ground Box! This beautiful studio space offers a unique setting for your Christmas party. Equipped with a Sony Soundbar Speaker and sub woofer, play your favorite soundtracks to liven up the mood and indulge in a little friendly competition with the board games for rent. So, let your imagination run wild in this versatile space, creating memories as unique as your vision.


Price: $50/hr | Pax: 20
For the artistic souls and board game enthusiasts, immerse yourselves in the charm of this rustic event space, the perfect setting for an intimate Christmas party. This venue is thoughtfully curated to provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere, with hanging light bulbs and dim lighting. As a board game haven, a sizable selection of board games are available for your choosing. Let the warmth of the surroundings and the joy of shared experiences make your Christmas celebration truly special in this uniquely artistic and game-friendly venue.


Christmas Party Venue

Price: $150/hr | Pax: 60
Have a stress-free planning in this beautiful and intimate space. Leave the details to the hosts as they assist with everything from decor to catering, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for you and your guests. All you need to do is gather your friends and family, and let the Christmas magic unfold. This space is also equipped with a TV, sound system and high speed Wi-Fi for your convenience. Whether you’re planning a cozy family reunion or a festive get-together with friends, experience the joy of the season in this space.


Christmas Party Venue

Price: $100/hr | Pax: 40
Engage in some friendly competition this Christmas season on the basketball court or table tennis setup, and showcase your vocal talents with the karaoke system. With two TVs, you won’t miss a moment of the game, movies, or holiday specials. Stay refreshed with the convenient water dispenser and stay connected with the Wi-Fi. Whether you’re planning a sports-themed holiday bash or simply want an active and engaging Christmas celebration, this venue provides the perfect blend of entertainment and camaraderie. Get ready to score big on holiday cheer in a space tailored for the ultimate sports aficionado.


Christmas Party Venue

Price: $980/day | Pax: 100
Nestled on the 11th floor, this Christmas party venue offers a secluded retreat in the heart of the city, just a short 5-minute stroll from Havelock MRT. Escape the hustle and bustle as you discover a hidden oasis boasting a serene swimming pool and a relaxed, cafe-like ambiance. Picture yourself surrounded by stylish and comfy seating, creating an inviting atmosphere for your guests. This venue provides the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. Enjoy the breathtaking views from the elevated location and let the tranquil setting enhance your event. Elevate your experience with SO11 – where convenience meets elegance, and every detail is designed to exceed your expectations for an unforgettable Christmas party.

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