Bring the Team Together with These Welcome Back to Work Ideas

Unlocking the office doors for the first time after almost a year of working from home will certainly feel the same as it did when your company originally moved into the space. For the past few months or years, we have connected to each other through online platforms. Now that we are back in the office, certainly everyone will have to adjust to a whole new environment and schedule. In this article, we will discuss a bit on the fun ideas to welcome back the team to work.

Organize mini parties or gatherings for your employees

Once workplace socializing is allowed again, organizing small gatherings would be a good way to welcome back employees or members of your team. It would help reset the company schedule and begin team dynamics. Such gatherings allow employees and staff to connect on a personal level while participating in enjoyable activities. There are many ways we can make the grand reopening party a success. Check out some great venues for team off-sites on our page.

Prepare a “Welcome Back to Work” gift basket

Welcome back gifts are a simple way to let your employees know you’re glad to see their smiling faces again, especially after an unprecedented pandemic. Consider the following back to work gift ideas:


It’s difficult to travel to work after not having to do so for over a year. Make their “new” commute easier with a personalised coffee tumbler.

Chocolate gift box

Choosing the finest treats for employees isn’t always easy. But there’s a good chance you won’t go wrong with a box of chocolate. To add a personal touch, include a personalised welcome back greeting card or sticker.

Custom stationery

Stationery items are not only functional and handy, but they also make thoughtful return-to-work gifts. You can make your custom stationery special with inspirational remarks imprinted on the side.

Shoulder bag

A shoulder bag is an excellent welcome gift for the employee who loves to move about with their personal items, tech accessories, laptop, and documents. Choose a durable and fashionable bag in their favourite colour, with pockets for easy access to essentials.

Walking into the office for the first time after so long and seeing a gift waiting on the desk will put a smile on their face. Even if a member of your team works from home or in another location, sending them a thoughtful gift will let them know they are an important part of your team. 

‘Get to Know You’ game

You’ve certainly played icebreaker games before, especially when you were a kid or a teenager. However, there’s a reason why these activities are so popular even in the corporate gatherings. During the pandemic, your company may have new joiners who have never worked in your office before — until recently. The idea of the ice breaking game is to allow the new employees to be comfortable in the new office and mix around with the existing members of the team. Fun team building activities is a good start for new members as this will help them to adapt to the new working environment.

Create a Schedule

Having an enjoyable time with officemates is undeniably helpful to build an effective team. However, never forget, routine is the key to success! Let’s begin with devising a schedule that helps your employees ease back into the flow of things. But, allow them to have some extra time to reestablish their personal work space. With a proper schedule,  you’ll be able to keep them on track and motivated for the rest of the day!

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