Here are some of the top pole dance studios for rental in Singapore! Pole dancing has gained popularity in recent times. It can be a fun and intense activity that really improves overall fitness, especially in terms of core strength. It’s also something that you can do in small groups. If you’re looking for an alternative to your usual activities for a fun night out, consider a private pole dancing class. Challenge your friend on a pole and give them a good muscle ache on their Hens night or birthday celebration. Rent a private studio with us by the hour and get on a pole!

Here are 4 pole dance studios that you can rent.

Sirene Studio @Kampong Bahru

One of the earliest studios to sign up on our platform with consistent bookings throughout, This cozy private studio is perfect for your private parties or fitness classes. It is well decorated with lush blue velvet and fairy lights, making it perfect for the gram. It has been well reviewed by guests for its comfortable and clean setting and there is a handy studio book for you to refer to! With 2 poles, shower and complimentary water, this studio provides more than the basics and makes your booking experience a great one. Check this studio out at the link here.

Pole studio in the heart of CBD

Located in the heart of CBD, this boutique dance studio has a high ceiling height of 4.5m with 2 steel poles and 1 brass pole of 3.6m. It has speakers with an IPAD and spotify app so you no longer have to do that painful and awkwardly silent bluetooth pairing each time you get into a studio. There is a fridge up for use with complimentary bottled water for you to quench your thirst after you have given your core a good workout! Rent this pole dance studio here!

Wonderwall Studio @South Bridge Road

Get to enjoy the beautiful city skyline while drops of sweat flow profusely from your forehead in this lovely studio at Clark Quay. This studio is not just open for pole dancing but also for photography or other purposes. There is an ensuite washroom for your safety and convenience. Make sure to turn in your vaccination status as you rent this place so that you can exercise safely unmasked. Hire this pole dance studio at Clark Quay!

Pole Dance Studio @ Nehsons Building

Another pole dance studio that you can rent and conveniently located in the heart of CBD near Tanjong Pagar. There are ample dining options nearby which you can head over after a tough workout session on the poles. There are 4 poles in this studio that you can rent, with a beautiful fairy lights background. This is a slightly larger space than the others and it will give you ample room for taking videos from more angles! Check this space at Nehsons Building

So here it is! At GetSpaces, you can rent on demand, hourly spaces for any kinds of activities you might think of. Pole dancing is just one of the many varieties of spaces. We’re trying to make spaces accessible to anyone. If you have any suggestions of spaces that you would like to be able to access on an hourly on demand basis, reach out to us at our contact page! Otherwise, check out our creative spaces for rent here.