top 10 affordable offices in Singapore

Here’s a curated list of the top 10 affordable offices in Singapore that epitomize the all-inclusive pricing model, ensuring you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business. In the search for office space, businesses are often enticed by the headline rental figures, overlooking the less obvious expenses that can significantly inflate the cost.

Utilities, Wi-Fi, maintenance, and furniture can add up, turning what appeared to be a bargain into a budgetary black hole. The savvy choice for startups, SMEs, and freelancers? Service offices where the nett all-in price includes everything: a fully-furnished space, utilities, Wi-Fi, and even access to communal areas. It’s transparent, predictable budgeting at its finest.

1. The Future-Ready Hub – Ubi Techpark (3 Pax)

Price: $760/month

Getspaces offers more than just an office at Ubi Techpark – it’s a vision of what a future workspace should embody. This automated office space is not just a physical location but a digital experience. The lock-and-go facility, equipped with the latest technology, invites innovation and collaboration among teams.

The provided communal areas are not just places to take a break; they are thoughtfully designed to spur innovation and encourage networking among like-minded professionals. Furthermore, at $760 a month, this is a bargain for a tech-forward, fully serviced space. This space is designed to ensure you can operate at any hour 24/7 with essential amenities always available. Link here.

2. The Commuter’s Nook – Kaki Bukit Station (1 Pax)

Price: $560/month

Location is everything, and Shun Li Industrial Park understands this perfectly. The office’s proximity to Kaki Bukit Station puts you in the beating heart of Singapore’s transport network. This solo professional’s haven provides a quiet, distraction-free zone in a bustling city. For just $560 a month, you get a modern furnished office space with the bonus of all utilities covered. No need to worry about additional bills; it’s all calculated to ensure you can focus on the work at hand. View here.

3. The CBD Flexi-Space – Tanjong Pagar MB2 (3 Pax)

Price: $890/month

In the prestigious International Plaza, flexibility and location come together to provide an unmatched office experience right next to Tanjong Pagar MRT. The 2 pax private service office at $890 a month offers the essential services with the unique addition of customizable space, allowing you to bring your personal touch.

This flexi-space opens its arms to short-term flings and long-term relationships with your business, providing additional benefits for those who commit longer. If renting for the long-term, access to the building’s gym and swimming pool can be made accessible at the building fees. Season parking is available at the building rates. View Tanjong Pagar office here.

4. The Budget-Friendly Duo – Tai Seng (NM) (2 Pax)

Price: $580/month

LHK2 Building at Tai Seng offers a no-frills, budget-conscious office solution. At $580 a month, this two-person private office includes all utilities and even gives you control over your climate – a rare luxury. With Tai Seng Station just a stroll away, your commute becomes as simple as your rental agreement. Find out more about the office at Tai Seng station here.

5. The Industrial Gem – 10 Kaki Bukit Road 1 (1-2 Pax)

Price: $550/month

Set in a bustling industrial area, the office at 10 Kaki Bukit Road 1 is a minimalist’s dream. Priced at just $550 a month, it offers a private office that comes with the convenience of an open co-sharing space, utilities, and Wi-Fi, all rolled into one neat package. Extra storage space can be rented if needed out of the room. It’s ideal for those who need a straightforward, efficient workspace. You can check out the space at the link here!

6. The Innovative Collective – Ubi Techpark (5 Pax)

Price: $1120/month

Ubi Techpark again makes an appearance with a larger space for a team of five, priced at $1120 a month. This office embodies the concept of a modern workspace, where the integration of digital infrastructure aims to facilitate a seamless work environment. It’s the perfect choice for businesses looking to push the boundaries of innovation and collaboration. This space is designed to ensure you can operate at any hour 24/7 with essential amenities always available. Find out more about this digital tech-enabled office at the link here.

7. The Heritage Haven – Conservation Shophouse (Varied Pax)

Price: $2400/month

This office in a conservation shophouse, a stone’s throw from Paya Lebar Station, marries the elegance of the past with today’s modernity. At $2400 a month, it offers an office environment within a piece of Singapore’s history. This space isn’t just about work; it’s about experiencing a part of Singapore’s cultural tapestry every day.

Within the space, you’ll find a fully-equipped room designed with modern aesthetics with soundproofing to reduce echo. Ensuring complete convenience, this room also comes with an en-suite private washroom. You can find out more details about this lovely shophouse space here.

8. The Versatile Venture – Vertex Building, Ubi (Up to 8 Pax)

Price: $1450/month

The mezzanine office in Vertex Building, capable of accommodating eight people, represents adaptability at its best. At $1450 a month, it’s a blank canvas for any business. It’s not just the physical space that’s adaptable; the lease terms are designed to accommodate the ebb and flow of business growth. Walk-up simple office space at the mezzanine with utilities provided located at Vertex building, within walking distance from Ubi MRT. This is located at the ground floor. This office at Vertex building can be viewed here.

9. The Collaborative Suite – Balestier Mun Hean Building (Up to 6 Pax)

Price: $740/month

At the heart of Balestier Mun Hean Building lies a 185 sq ft office that embodies strategic location and potential for collaboration. Catering for up to six individuals at $740 a month, this suite is fully furnished and ready for productivity. High-speed Wi-Fi and utilities are included, so you can focus on what’s important – teamwork and innovation.

Semi-Private Space: While the space is yours, please note that the owner might occasionally stop by to access the private office within the premises (at the glass door in the picture). Rest assured, your operational privacy will be respected and maintained. There is also no more parking hassles! Benefit from free parking, making your commute as smooth as possible. View this convenient shared office space at Balestier here.

10. The Dynamic Versatile Space – Tampines Commercial Unit (Varied Pax)

Price: $1700/month

Lastly, the commercial space near Kiew Sian King Temple in Tampines at $1700 a month is a testament to the adaptability of modern workspaces. Its 300 sq ft are ready to be transformed to fit the vision of your business, be it a bustling office or a lively classroom. Bask in the natural daylight that floods the space, creating an energetic and positive environment for work or commerce. Stay cool and comfortable throughout the day with an installed air-conditioning system, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere regardless of the weather outside. Find out more about the possibilities with this flexible commercial/office space in Tampines at this link.

Top 10 affordable offices in Singapore – Conclusion

This journey through the top 10 affordable offices in Singapore highlights a shift in the modern business environment. Offices are no longer just four walls and a desk; they are communities, ecosystems, and a part of our daily life. GetSpaces recognizes this evolution and invites you to be a part of it.

If any of these locations of our list of top 10 affordable offices in Singapore have piqued your interest, or if you’re on the lookout for tailored office solutions that align with your business aspirations, we invite you to connect with us at GetSpaces. Visit our website at GetSpaces Commercial Form and share your requirements. Be part of the revolution in property discovery and join the 4890 renters who have successfully found their ideal space with GetSpaces. Your next office is just a form away! If you are looking for other content such as team retreats, check out our blog article here.