Featuring the top 10 alternative and affordable wedding venues in Singapore! Throwing a lavish banquet in a hotel in Singapore is a thing of the past and financially “unwoke” given that we are in a pandemic situation currently. These key life events are usually conducted for groups of up to 100 people maximum usually. In a wedding setting, the couple will be counted towards the headcount while the solemniser and wedding vendors will be excluded. As such, throwing a wedding banquet in a hotel ballroom will only incur hefty expenses (which will unlikely be covered by the 48 red packets, or less, received).

We present an Alternative: Rented Wedding Venues

There are many other ways to hold a solemnisation or a wedding banquet, such as a rented space or a café. By using such spaces, the guests will get a unique experience while the couple can save on a substantial amount which can be used for their future child or next holiday.

An advantage of such wedding rental places is the low cost, from as low as $30 per hour. However, renting an affordable venue would likely mean that you will have to source for your own decorations, food, and audiovisual systems. Despite having to contact the food and audiovisual vendors, the accumulated cost of renting a wedding venue will definitely be lower than that of a banquet in a hotel. Check out the top alternative wedding spaces below!

Event Spaces

1. White Rabbit Hole @Chinatown

Hop right into our White Rabbit Hole Classic, a place where you can hold your private events such as birthday parties, private gatherings, solemnizations/weddings, corporate team-bonding sessions, product launches, business meetings or video shoots. This lovely decorated space will generate pictures that will make others gawk and envious :p. Just kidding, but this lovely space is perfect for small and intimate occasions. Starting from $328 per hour.

2. Entire Craft Area @Lorong Kilat

Located just 5 minutes walk from Beauty World MRT, this craft area is highly accessible with a complete range of amenities within a 5 minute walk away. Situated in a quiet building amidst the busy neighbourhood of Chun Tin and Lorong Kilat roads, nicely decorated with high ceilings. It is normally used for craft workshops and activities, but is versatile enough to be transformed into an event area. If your partner is artsy and crafty, then this is the place for you! Starting from $110 per hour.

3. Full Space in a quaint Shophouse @Jalan Besar

This quaint & beautiful shophouse is available for rent for all kinds of activities and events. Equipped with full length mirrors, a mini Bose speaker and attached private toilet and shower, this space is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of activities. There is a pantry area as well as a outdoor balcony which can be used for various purposes. It is also highly convenient and is less than 5 minutes walk from both Jalan Besar and Rochor Station. It has been used for all sorts of wedding receptions, solemnizations and parties. Book this space at Jalan Besar here! Starting from $42 per hour.

4. Tsuru Room @Kim Yan Road

Situated at Kim Yam Road, Tsuru Room is a cozy library room perfect for presentations, tea ceremonies, solemnisation, business networking, workshops, private dinners, seminars, yoga, photoshoots. Guests have used this space for their ROM/Solemnizations and all have come away super happy with the outcome. If you love books (and its classic aesthetic), then this lovely room is your ideal space. Starting from $107 per hour.

5. Blank Box

Looking for a blank canvas instead? Then this wide open space is the right one, no pun intended. With a total space of 14m x 9.8m, there are endless opportunities to what you can achieve – whether it’s for a photoshoot, video shoot, corporate event, proposal, rehearsals, workshops, birthday celebration, solemnization, wedding or anything that you can possibly imagine. There are only limitless possibilities with this space. Starting from $100 per hour.

6. Studio Weave

With over 4,500sqft available for use, it is right-sized for 50 participants to interact within a comfortable social distance. Within the space, there is a gallery to hang your visuals, a photo studio for fun photo taking, a lounge for guests to mingle, and the main event area for an impactful stage to be set up. From solemnizations and weddings to corporate workshops, events, and product launches, this hidden gem is an exciting canvas for your once in a lifetime event. Starting from $200 per hour.

7. The Common Good

Situated at Joo Chiat Road, this space is both cosy and funky at the same time. A space that’s able to transform for any occasion and it’s perfect for art jammings, corporate events, dance, fitness, video shoots, parties, photography, team offsites, wedding, workshops and even co-sharing working space. If you’re looking for a fun, eclectic space where your guests can let loose, then the Common Good is “the one”. Starting from $200 per hour.

8. Tinkr Studios

Situated in the heart of Tai Seng and walking distance from BreadTalk IHQ, our studio is the perfect space for your production needs, weddings, and creative gatherings. Spanning a total of 1600 sqft with a ceiling height of 6 metres, our space is extremely flexible. Brightly lit by natural daylight, the modular set up allows you to move the furniture around as you deem fit, making it the perfect space for a production that requires a big space or for your wedding event. This is a beautiful daylight space that will be able to light up your partner’s eyes! Starting from $150 per hour.

9. Royal Eternity Master Room

Looking for a space for your solemnization and tea ceremony? Doing your tea ceremony in your home or a typical event space is so boring. Why not actually do it in a tea house? Royal Eternity Master Room is a luxurious and vintage lounge located at level 2 of Royal Eternity Tea House.

It has a unique decoration style exclusively designed for holding private events such as ROM, meetings and workshops. It’s fully furnished with vintage furniture and a wine cooler space. Book this unique room in a vintage tea house here! Starting from $250 per hour.

10. Lifestyle Showroom and Event Space

The 3,200sqft space is conceptualized, stemming from a shared vision of passion, friendship, art & design. It has since transformed into a place of many possibilities. Fully-furnished yet flexible in amenities. Personal or corporate events are easily catered for and your needs met, comfortably accommodating 100 of your attendees. Conduct your wedding ceremony in style with the most fashionable furniture and design. Book this space here! Starting from $235 per hour.

With the 50/100 pax guideline in place, you might think that it is difficult to find a suitable location to hold a small wedding. In fact, it is far from the truth. There are many event spaces and wedding venues which you can rent to make the wedding day unique and memorable. When the special day comes, be sure to put on your best makeup and smile! 

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