How having the right space matters

At GetSpaces, we believe that we are products of our environment. The types of spaces that we choose to be it make a massive difference to our lives. However, with the increasing costs of property rental in Singapore, getting your own space has become a challenge to the teachers, thinkers, and makers in our society. In the growing sharing economy, we also noted that people were increasingly choosing to rent venues and areas on an ad-hoc basis.

For these groups, we know of the importance of having the right space to conduct our day to day activities. A cozy, beautiful art studio would provide the right vibes and environment for crafting lessons. Talks or community meet-ups and events would work ideally in a co-working event space. For performing art groups, finding the right rehearsal space is essential to the perfection of one’s craft. The venue chosen is fundamental to the success of the activity.

Yet, for something so fundamental, the process of searching for the perfect space for your events is not ideal. Looking for a venue entails having to trawl through numerous websites. Each website has its own unique way of presenting the information. Thus, making a direct comparison can be a hassle. Multiple emails are required to coordinate on timings and mundane administrative tasks such as payments and invoices.

With GetSpaces, we want to make the process of venue search fun and seamless. Viewing of spaces should be smooth and exciting. As far as possible, actions such as checking available timings, making payments and coordination should be reduced with technology. Booking a space should be as simple as making an eCommerce purchase.

How we add value

Our space rental marketplace supports both space owners and guests and make their lives easier primarily through the use of well-designed technology.

Guests will be able to search through a whole bunch of spaces by activity. Prices will be transparent and listed upfront, and they will be able to search by the amenities required, or by the available timing. If there are any spaces they are interested in, they can proceed to chat with the host via our internal chat system.

We help space owners by providing software that helps them manage their space. Our calendar module allows hosts to quickly block out unavailable periods so that they will not have to deal with enquiries asking them about availability. We also enable natural and feckless communication between hosts and guests with our simple chat system.

Our space rental marketplace has helped link up teachers, thinkers, and makers with space owners. Being able to add value to the creative scene in Singapore is something that matters to us. We commit to helping creatives find the perfect space for classes or rehearsals.

Our vision for GetSpaces.

We envision a future in which anyone can rent a space for any activity they need. A person might need a space just for personal, quiet time. An event planner might need to look for a venue to conduct an event for hundreds or thousands of people. Our space rental marketplaces aims to be the one stop shop that helps all these groups of people facilitate these transactions.

We are building a fully transparent marketplace where users do not have to worry about hidden charges. They can use the reviews of each listing to help them make informed decisions of venues. The availability of spaces will all be listed upfront.

We hope to automate the process of rental, so tedious administrative work becomes a thing of the past. Anyone with a space can share it with others. Technology takes care of the rest.

Feel free to visit our space rental marketplace at and provide us any feedback. If you’re interested in speaking to us, do reach out to us at

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