Meet Weiying, the maker behind Lightlines, a craft business centered around its custom portraits/mugs service. Weiying always had a passion for art & craft from a young age. She started drawing back in her university days, garnering highly positive feedback from others. Her most memorable artwork was a series of Christmas themed portrait cards. It started as an experiment to create a unique gift for her colleagues, and it turned out to be very well received.

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It was then that she conceptualised Lightlines, a service that helps people capture intimate and highly significant moments in the form of portraits. She then started sharing her pieces and services on Carousell and Instagram. To date, she has created over a thousand handmade keepsakes for couples, families, good friends, and pet lovers. Her Carousell account has garnered over 360 5-star reviews to date. On her Instagram account, Weiying regularly posts about the various beautiful and one of a kind pieces that she crafted for her customers.

How it works

When Weiying is asked to create a portrait, she begins by first understanding more about the gift recipient and the occasion. Knowing the significant events/activities of the recipient allows each piece to be highly customised. It also adds emotional value to the gift, ensuring that the portraits all have their unique ways of “speaking” to the owners. Weiying puts significant effort into every portrait to ensure that her customers come away highly satisfied.

Here are some of the works done by Lightlines. - Potratirs
Hand Drawn Potraits - Mug Drawing
Customised Mug Services

Weiying also has a full-time job. Nevertheless, she remains highly positive and motivated. Knowing that her work brings joy to people is a significant part of what keeps her going. It also helps that she has her own beautiful space that she uses to keep her creative juices flowing.

About Craftroom, by Lightlines

Craftroom by

Weiying wanted to find her own space to experiment with new crafts and work on portrait commissions. She chanced upon this cosy little space in an old heritage building at Chinatown and decided to call it her own. After that, she found that she could also share this space with fellow crafters. Knowing how essential the environment is for the creative process, she thought that her space would be perfect for like-minded crafters to conduct their workshops or sessions. Hence, we approached Lightlines to list the space on our space rental platform.

Her space is perfect for workshops, art sessions and meetings. It is probably one of the most affordable spaces you can find in the Chinatown area. It currently seats up to about 12 people, and there is a basin right outside of the room, making it easy for guests to clean their materials after each session.

Book the space Craftroom today! You can also find out more about and their services at this link.

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