Are you looking to start your own private tuition classes but don’t exactly want the commitment of a long-term lease? Take a moment to browse through our diverse selection of flexible and affordable classrooms available for rent, tailored to meet your needs. Rest assured, all our listings guarantee consistent Wi-Fi access, well-appointed seating, and an inviting atmosphere, ensuring an exceptional teaching environment. Embrace this incredible opportunity and seize your chance to rent one of these classrooms today!

*This list is non-exhaustive and not arranged in any particular order.


Located in Toa Payoh, our host, Adrian, offers two well-equipped and comfortable classrooms for rent. Comfortably accommodating small group classes, the classrooms are thoughtfully designed to enhance the learning and teaching experience, they come equipped with a working projector and whiteboard for writing down key terms or drawing diagrams. Adrian’s classrooms also offer reliable Wi-Fi access, empowering you to leverage online resources and integrate technology seamlessly into your lessons. Both classrooms are priced at an affordable rate of $30/hr. Check out his classrooms here!


Hosted by Sages Academy, the newly renovated classroom is a convenient 7-minute walk away from Admiralty MRT. The walls of the classroom are soundproofed to ensure no external disturbance will affect lesson proceedings and a whiteboard is available to aid in teaching along with reliable Wi-Fi access throughout your booking. The classroom can comfortably accommodate up to 26 people and is priced at an affordable rate of $30 per hour. Book this classroom today to kickstart your lessons!


Initially a dance studio, this versatile space could double up as a spacious classroom. A 5-minute walk away from Eunos MRT station, the space is very accessible and comes with an attached toilet for convenience. It also comes equipped with a portable white board, a projector, and reliable Wi-Fi access. With 32 foldable chairs, 4 portable tables and 2 standing tables, you may have to bring in your own portable tables for classes bigger than 8 pax. However, this space has one of the more affordable rate of all the recommended classrooms in this article at $22.50 per hour. So don’t miss out and book this space today for your next class!


Less than 5 minutes away from Bishan MRT, Rex, our host, offers 3 different classrooms for rent. All the classrooms come equipped with the necessary furniture, a projector, a whiteboard, and reliable Wi-Fi access throughout your booking. His smallest classroom is suitable for 6+1 pax and is available for rent at a rate of $22/hr. Larger classrooms accommodating up to 14 pax is also available for rent at $25/hr. Book one of his classrooms today with GetSpaces and happy teaching!


Located in Chinatown, another host of ours, Jason, offers 3 classrooms for rent as well. These classrooms come equipped with tables, chairs, air conditioning and reliable Wi-Fi access throughout your lesson. A whiteboard is also available for use along with provided dusters and markers to ensure that you are well-equipped during your class. Photocopier and laminating services are also available at the following rates:

  • Photocopying: $0.10/side, only the default black and white is available.
  • Laminating service: $1.50/A4 piece.

The smallest classroom can hold up to 6 people while the larger rooms can comfortably accommodate up to 16 people with rates being $10/hr and $20/hr respectively. Start teaching at one of these well-equipped classrooms today!


Hosted by Bold At Work, this beautiful classroom space can accommodate up to 30 people. Equipped with a projector, whiteboard and reliable Wi-Fi access, the classroom is well-equipped for conducting lessons. While a little pricier at $50/hr, the space is very comfortable and spacious, making it a conducive environment for focused teaching. Book this classroom today and enjoy teaching in a well-lit space!


Located near Clementi MRT, this classroom is very accessible. Fully fitted with air conditioning and a whiteboard, the space can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. Reliable Wi-Fi access helps facilitate the integration of technology into your classes if necessary. The pantry is also available for use if you want to conduct a short discussion with your students after the stipulated booking period is complete. Book this classroom for your future classes today!


Located conveniently outside Macpherson MRT Station Exit B, our host, Jonathon, offers 3 classrooms for rent. The classrooms can hold up to 30 to 50 people, making it suitable for bigger classes. Fully fitted with air conditioning, whiteboards, stationeries, computers, projectors, and microphones – the perfect setup is here. With the blinds that can be pulled down for privacy and with the flexibility of reorganizing the layout of tables and chairs – you can rearrange the classroom according to your preferences! There are possibly up to 5 free parking slots in the area as well. While it might be slightly pricier between $45/hr to $55/hr, the amenities and well-maintained spaces make it absolutely worth it. Book your slot here today!

Looking for more classrooms for rent in Singapore?

If you want to look at more classrooms for rent in Singapore, be sure to explore our selection of classrooms for rent where you’ll find a variety of comfortable and functional spaces to suit your unique requirements. Alternatively, you could head on over to this blog article for more recommendations on possible teaching spaces as well!

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